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In 1995 we left for our first  holiday to Greece and we
were immediately sold! For many years we have been
to many corners of this beautiful country and everywhere
we enjoyed it. Always nice weather, nice people, relaxed atmosphere, good food, beautiful landscapes and history is everywhere waiting for you.


Crete is an unforgettable island that not only enchants the senses with its impressive and awe-inspiring landscape, but also with its spirit, soul, history and people. For that you only have to spend a few days with the local population. Their hospitality ensures that you are part of their culture and their special, pure lifestyle.
When you visit Crete, be prepared to completely fall in love with this land of wonder. If you've been here before, then it's your second home.
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Our house is located in the small traditional village of Mariou (South Crete). Mariou lies with whitewashed houses and streets like mazes on the mountainside overlooking the bays of Plakias and Damnoni.
Mariou is located in the department of Rethymnon and has the charm you expect from rural Crete. The village is only a few kilometers away from Plakias. The city of Rethymnon is located 27 kilometers north of Mariou.
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