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Crete is an unforgettable island that not only enchants the senses with its impressive and awe-inspiring landscape, but also with its spirit, soul, history and people. For that you only have to spend a few days with the local population. Their hospitality ensures that you are part of their culture and their special, pure lifestyle. When you visit Crete, be prepared to completely fall in love with this land of wonder. If you've been here before, then it's your second home.

Together with Cyprus, Crete offers the sunniest climate of the European continent. There are 62 excellent beaches with the blue flag mark, an award for clean beaches and excellent water quality. The relatively high standard of living is reflected, among other things, in little crime. The large variety in the real estate market is characterized by the lack of large-scale apartment complexes, such as in Spain, France and Italy.


Crete has a special appearance! Not only by the bright light, which sharply captures the sharp contrast of the savage mountains and the clear sea. There is an exuberant wildlife, the flora and fauna on the island are unique. Breathe the ever-present scents of wild herbs, taste the fresh fruit, the best olive oil in the world and delicious healthy cheeses. Enjoy a delicious Greek coffee in a tavern on the road somewhere in a mountain village, the excitement of a wedding and other events, history and people and visitors from all over the world. For lovers: it is also a historical and archaeological paradise.


Crete is known for its hospitality and tradition to its visitors. The traditions and culture offered in music, art, food and crafts play a major role here. It combines European ways with the uniqueness of the local.


As changeable as the weather is in the Netherlands, it is so stable on Crete, at least from the month of June to October. Also the month of May is a beautiful period, nature is at its best, everything is in bloom and the temperatures are very pleasant for walkers, cyclists and culture lovers. The months of July and August are fantastic for people who love the sun, beach, swimming pool and sea, with a guarantee of a lot of sun and high (pleasant) temperatures. Snorkeling, swimming, surfing, lazing with a book on the beach or by the pool, trips with car, scooter or bicycle, it's all possible. September and October are the months for people who love to swim in a warmed up sea, with still warm days, but slightly cooler evenings.

September, like May, is also suitable for people who love culture and walking and cycling. Even November is a wonderful month in Crete, but unfortunately there are no (yet) direct flights to the island. Even in the winter months it is fine to stay, with pleasant temperatures, occasionally also less sunny weather, but certainly not as cold and changeable as in the Netherlands.

In summary... a beautiful island to stay whole the year

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